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50 years of history

Founded in 1960 as an electrical contractor in Victoria, British Columbia, through its expansion into the markets of Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canem has always sought to differentiate itself innovatively through serving our customer's business objectives.

Even in its earliest days, Canem was on the forefront of innovation and it was the first private company in Canada to have computerized estimating. Now, with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Nanaimo, Red Deer, Vancouver and Victoria, Canem continues to innovate through Building Performance solutions derived from over 50 years of corporate expertise.

The company’s emphasis on value creation includes pre-planning, pre-fabrication, logistics, vendor management, and project control tools and methodologies have helped Canem to become Canada’s leading electrical contractor.

Canem’s culture of Building Performance lies at the centre of the Canem service commitment. This is demonstrated through our people and capabilities. As we look into our next 50 years, Canem will be a key to a future where buildings are intelligently connected and environmentally proud.