Canem Projects

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    • CRD Headquarters
      This Capital Regional District Headquarters was the second phase of a two-phase project that involved the construction of six levels of office space, an underground parkade and ground level space available for future retail outlets. The 55,000 sq.ft.building is in the heart of Victoria’s Chinatown, across the street from Centennial Square and City Hall.
    • A 5KV infrastructure system was installed to service the new Calgary Stampede Casino, along with a “very intense” security system designed to meet AGLC standards.
    • Edmonton City Hall
      The Edmonton City Hall project posed challenges including high installations, specialty lighting and equipment, sleeving requirements to meet the architectural design, and a high project profile – all of which required ingenuity from the Canem team.
    • Canem’s work on the Red Deer Recreational Centre included a major building renovation with an addition to the indoor/outdoor pool and a completely new electrical system, all installed under LEEDS Bronze criteria.
    • Sanjel Office
      Sanjel is a major competitor in the global oil and gas market with 20 district offices and over 1,800 employees across North America and overseas.
      Completed in Fall 2007, this facility consists of a new two-storey office and 12-bay shop in Red Deer. There is a separate wash-bay building and an area with N2 & CO2 tanks. The site is 17 acres in size, with receptacles located around the perimeter fence to be used for truck plug-in.