Canem Projects

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Security and Risk Management

  • A 5KV infrastructure system was installed to service the new Calgary Stampede Casino, along with a “very intense” security system designed to meet AGLC standards.
  • Canem installed a 500 KW backup generator to supply emergency power for life safety and to back up the computer/data systems at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Calgary.
  • Canem engineering makes Telus CIDC one of the most advanced and secure data centres in the world.  The centre provides a full suite of sophisticated Internet hosting services, integrated e-business applications and the highest standards available in security and performance for businesses across Canada.
  • This facility is contained within the existing 130,000 sq. ft. Nova Chemicals building referred to as the “Nova Bunker.”(Canem built the Nova Bunker in the early 1980s.) The building was built to withstand a car bomb in the parkade with no impact to the structure. It also has exterior bullet-proof glass, state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint readers and a large CCTV system all running back to the main security room. The 5.5-megawatt emergency power generation system  can sustain a utility power failure for a week.