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Building System Integration Service Sheet Building System Integration Service Sheet (1610 KB)
Building System Integration Service Sheet

Building System Integration

Canem's Building Performance technologies take full advantage of new power-management and energy-saving technologies, typically based on an array of device controls and environmental monitoring systems.

Canem’s Building System Integration Services

Building Performance is enabled through multi-vendor systems integration. We achieve this by enabling building systems, such as HVAC and lighting systems, security, alarms, and network services, to work together like a central nervous system. This integration makes the job of managing a building easier.
Building System Integration enables the continuous capture of key building performance parameters, making it easy to generate a variety of real-time reports that quantify savings it is enabling.

Implementation Approach

Canem helps you visualize your facilities as a dashboard of information that demonstrates energy consumption via analysis tools and scorecards—whenever and wherever you need them. All building performance systems feed real-time data into a common database that can be used to show savings and predict future usage patterns. These technologies differentiate your building and can help to attract and retain tenants.
With portfolio performance information customizable to suit the needs of chief executives, our display dashboards allow quick and reliable analysis of:

  1. Energy consumption versus baseline
  2. Cost per square foot
  3. Total cost per time span
  4. Carbon footprint
  5. And more.

All metrics can be accessed from virtually anywhere, on any device.

System Value

  1. We enable your building to provide you with the information you need, when you need it. If equipment fails, the building pinpoints the fault, and generates an alert, which is sent to you immediately.
  2. We ensure the system you install today communicates well with systems you may install in the years ahead, because our solutions are based on industry-standards for networking and inter-operability.
  3. We reduce your building operating costs and help you prove these bottom-line savings while creating a building performance profile for the lifecycle of the facility.
Change is constant. Now, so is the ability to measure it.