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Security & Risk Management Service Sheet Security & Risk Management Service Sheet (3019 KB)
Security & Risk Management Service Sheet

Security & Risk Management

Risk management ensures optimal return on investment. Security risk management empowers facility managers to design a system with the maximum possible benefits while minimizing losses and damage costs. This optimization demonstrates the value of your security and risk mitigation strategies.

Canem’s Security and Risk Management Services

Your facility’s level of security is determined by how well hostile threats were anticipated and how the risks were assessed. Canem helps our customers test and validate known and unknown assumptions of their facility and its processes.

Implementation Approach

Understanding risks and vulnerabilities is the first crucial step to securing buildings and associated systems. We use SecurITree attack tree models to capture discussions and logic that determine security decisions. These models serve as a communication vehicle among stakeholders and record considered factors to demonstrate due diligence in the planning process.
We help customers to understand hostile or adversarial threats to their systems. We work with customers to determine their threshold for security where high impacts would be seen, even in low probability scenarios.

Monitor and Manage with Confidence

Many building owners use a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system to monitor their facility. Some may have keypad- or smartcard-enabled access systems. Many also have intrusion alarms, plus the usual fire alarms and various other alert systems for smoke detection and carbon monoxide. However, these systems are seldom integrated to provide a flow of useful information from one system to another. They alert us, but they could be doing more to help us.
A security and CCTV system can be more than a reactive system. The challenge for building operators and real estate owners is how to use these systems to their maximum potential, while minimizing the cost to the owner.
Canem’s experts will ensure the correct configuration and operation of:

  1. Building management systems
  2. Security
  3. Access authentication configuration
  4. Local area networks.

We provide guidance in business and control system network architectures:

  1. Design
  2. Standardization
  3. Configuration
  4. Testing

System Value

Canem Risk Management and Security Services optimize the value of security systems by unifying various building systems onto a common IP infrastructure. The result is:

  1. Improved manageability
  2. Containment of capital costs and reduction of operating costs
  3. Additional amenities and monitoring opportunities
  4. Increased asset utilization
  5. Due diligence by corporate on intelligent infrastructure and related systems

The value added by establishing these security improvements in turn attracts higher occupancy and enables higher value.
In this integrated environment, security systems can seamlessly blend with other building management systems, enabling occupancy sensors to not only inform the security system, but to enhance other building systems to their fullest potential.