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Rollout Services Sheet Rollout Services Sheet (1643 KB)
Rollout Services Sheet

Operations and Maintenance (O M) Operations and Maintenance (O M) (267 KB)
Moving from a Cost to an Advantage. The paper reviews key factors for minimizing operational impacts while extending the life expectancy of building equipment.

Rollout Services

Canem Rollout Services are used to effectively manage everything from simple installations to larger projects for national chains. A rollout project provides rapid delivery in multiple locations with a similar scope.

Canem’s Rollout Services

With multiple installations going on in different regions at any one time, the Rollout team serves to ensure that solutions are communicated seamlessly and delivered with maximum efficiency. In turn, clients attain the best possible consistency in their product delivery.

Implementation Approach

Site audits/project-specific surveys

  1. Built digitally (drop-down boxes, yes/no, fill in the answer)
  2. Fully exportable to Excel for easy maintenance and comparison
  3. Available online in real time

Multi-location service program

  1. Annual maintenance
  2. Quick turnaround break-fix services
  3. Preventative maintenance

System Value

  1. We spend the time to understand the customer’s business and their specific concerns
  2. We become part of the team, bringing experience to maximize the value of our offering
  3. We build project-specific standards, schedules, quality control, and reporting based on customer requirements/restrictions

There are several advantages to this for multi-location customers:

  1. Single point of contact
  2. Clear understanding of business processes
  3. Standards for reporting, billing, response time
  4. All of our processes are customizable and scalable