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Canem Services

Here is an overview of our solution-oriented services:

  1. Electrical Contracting draws from 50+ years of electrical systems design experience and implementation expertise to deliver Building Performance.  
  2. Information Management Transforming data into manageable electronic building information to enhance building performance and asset productivity
  3. Building System Integration brings all building design constituents together to optimize systems asset utilization. Remote measurement and management of building systems to enable optimal building performance.
  4. Green Data Centres lower operational costs and maximize the availability of enterprise-class data.
  5. Energy Management lowers operating expenses, attracting tenants and improving reputation.
  6. Risk Management & Security Systems proactively protect your assets through proven methodologies and security solutions.
  7. Lifecycle Services help you maximize the long-term value of your building assets from construction hand off through post-occupancy for ongoing support and maintenance.
  8. Rollout Services minimize client business risk through following repeatable best practices including extensive pre-planning, prefabrication, logistics, vendor management, and project control tools and methodologies.

As part of our effort to provide a complete set of service offerings, we also provide brand consultancy services designed to help developers and operators across multiple geographies.

We are confident that the Canem Smart Building Technologies and information management will help you to competitively differentiate and thus win more business. Canem’s unique solution design and sub-contract services will take your building project performance to another level.